Chargeplus Review

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I set off on my all India Trip with a very short notice, so I did not have a charger nor a power bank and my phone would often run out of battery. When I was in Hyderabad I was gifted a Bolt charger by the Wanderers biking club, was really happy and excited to finally get a charger. But within no time, i had trouble with it and it stopped working and I had to go back to my old ways of stopping at a Dhaba or a restaurant and charging the phone.So when I saw a post by Motonomous on Facebook and about the competition they were having, where one can win a mobile charger and other helmet goodies, I was kinda hoping I get my hands on the charger and thankfully after a month I did receive the Resonate Chargeplus because I won the photo2motocontest.       

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I was in Agra when i received the parcel and it came in a nice sturdy box that contains
1 USB charger
1 Charger Holder
2 Ring Terminal
1 Quick Splice
4 Cable Tie
1 User Manual

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The installation of the Chargeplus is very easy if you follow their simple steps as mentioned in the manual.But I came across the long 3M cable and wondered why would they provide so much additional wire that I had to roll and place above the battery. But then I read that this was done for a reason, if you are camping then you can run the USB cable all the way to the tent and put up a WiFi Dongle (or) a USB Light (or) a 5V mosquito repellent. I’ve used Chargeplus for the last 6000 kms or so and after about a few weeks of usage my reviews are mentioned below. 

Chargeplus mobile charger review:

 Value for money (6/10)

Available at Rs 2799 on Amazon, which is pretty awesome. The actual price is Rs 3,499 which is a bit too pricey considering there are so many other chargers out there in the market. But the Chargeplus does look like an expensive gadget with good built quality and something that will last long.  

Charging ability (10/10)

Ever since I’ve had the Chargeplus my phone hasn’t died. Even when I was in Varanasi and there was a power cut for the whole day it didn’t really bother me coz I knew had the Chargeplus to rely on to keep my phone running. Intelligent charging and the Cabling is UL Certified which is completely safe and has another intelligent circuit that constantly monitors voltage of the battery and at 12.1V cuts it off (3) automatically, thus ensuring there is enough power left in the battery, the minimum required to start a motorcycle.  

 Durability (9/10)

My bike blue and me have ridden through bad roads, no roads rocky terrain, mountains, snow and sand dunes, but thankfully it didn’t give away, also went through extreme weather changes, rode with it on the dirt track and many off-road trails, but the wires are still intact and there is no damage to the charger.The company offers 1 year replacement warranty. 

Weatherproofing (9/10)

The entire unit is built to ensure a longer life and withstand all adverse weatherI have used this device a lot in the rains, no matter how much water falls the phone and charger are in good condition.   

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I have used it in extreme heat and extreme cold conditions and it still managed to work. Apparently has some kind of short-circuit protection, and over-heating protection.

Ease of use (10/10)

Flip the cover to keep the water away from the USB socket and all you need is to peel it off and connect the cable to the USB port every time you have to use it. It’s light, it’s small, fixed on the bike and no one would even take the trouble to steal it. 

 Looks (9/10) 

The Chargeplus looks more like a microphone attached to my handlebar, which often gets curious visitors. While charging there’s a yellow light that shines up at the USB port, this happens only when the wire is connected to a phone or any other device. It’s a small decent looking functional charger out there.

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Verdict (9/10) : 

Recommended charger especially for long  trips and an essential device for any tourer’s bike. The best thing about this device is the reliability, the speed of charge, and the ease of use. Even though the price is high, it’s more like a one-time investment.                                              

Wicked Ride – Monsoon ride to Hampi

Hampi, one of the most sought-after destination for motorcycle riders from Bangalore, a UNESCO world heritage site, set against a striking landscape on the
banks of the Tungabhadra River, where on one side large boulders nestle the beautiful ruins offering an insight into its glorious past and the other
side, banana plantations, narrow irrigation canals and paddy fields offer much needed respite from the heat.

An important religious centre, Hampi is a popular destination among travellers and bikers from India and Overseas alike.
So whether you like to explore the magnificent architecture and history, or you like to stroll by the river and among the paddy fields, sit under a tree and read a book, Hampi has something to offer for every kind of traveler.

The Bucket-List
Hampi has a large number of sites dotted across a large area, but the enamoring Stone Chariot, Elephant stables , Queen’s Bath, the towering Virupaksha
Temple and many mindboggling stone statues are the most popular ones.

The route:
Bangalore – Chitradurga – Turn right towards Hospet and follow the road to Hampi.
The road is dry, arid and not something to rave about.
But at the journey’s end lies the fabled city of Hampi; one with the remains of a glorious golden era, of richness and pride, of culture and thriving trade.


Journey Days Destination Accommodation
Day 1 Bangalore – Hampi Goan Cottage Tent/sharing
Day 2 Hampi Goan Cottage Cottage/sharing
Day 3 Hampi – Bangalore
Package cost : Rs. 3000/person / APAI( Rs. )

Package Includes:
At Goan Corner: Accommodation in Cottage/Room with Morning tea/coffee, Campfire, Music, Lunch and Dinner.

Outdoor games – Volley ball, Trekking , Zip Line, rope activities on water.

At Hampi: Accommodation on multiple sharing, Morning tea/coffee and Evening hi-tea with light snacks, Campfire, Music

Outdoor games – River Side Lunch (on request- only for groups)
Sightseeing: sunset point, Guided Trek, Remote dam

Package Excludes: Extra Meal (Breakfast – Rs 200/- per head and Lunch or Dinner – Rs 300 per head)
Note: A minimum of 4-6 packs in total must be requested on a particular day to make this package possible. If in case it does not happen, the money will be refunded to you.

Distance one way~ 350 kms Routing ~ Bangalore > Chitradurga > Hospet > Hampi 
Riding Speed ~ 80kph to 90kph Starting and Dispersion Point ~ Opp to Taj Vivanta, Tumkur Road, 
Tentative Itinerary: Day 1: 04:45 AM: Assembly and briefing 05:00 AM: Start of ride 01:00 PM:
Reach Hampi ~ Vittala Temple and Virupaksha Temple visits (Optional) ~ River Crossing on the Ferry ~ Bonfire and Snacks in the evening ~ Leisure time in cottages amidst paddy fields.
Registration Inclusions: 1. One Snacks – Chips, Peanuts, Soft drinks 2. One Dinner – Veg/Non Veg (Italian Pasta/Biryani), Roti/Chapati, Dessert 3. One Breakfast – Tea, hash brown potato, fried tomato, baked beans, scrambled egg & cornflakes with milk 4. Accomodation – Cottages / Huts on 2 sharing and 3 sharing basis. It is a rustic traveller’s or bikers accomodation and not a resort (See Pics) 5. Ferry Charges (Both for the members and for the bikes) 6. Temple guide charges 7. An experienced backup mechanic for the entire ride 8. Hampi ride Sticker for motorcycle/helmet 
Registration Exclusions: 1. Temple entries  2. Bike Fuel charges and any breakdown consumable’s charges 3. Expenses of food/snacks en-route at the pit stops. 4. Bike Rentals 5. Anything else not mentioned in the inclusions Registration Details:
Come join us for an unforgettable journey