The Wine Experience in India

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“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

And here’s my story about the Wine capital of India.

I know that we learn a lot from books but I have come to realize that whilst travelling the knowledge that you acquire from the experience is embedded for a longer time. For example, I did not know that Nashik is called the Wine capital of India until I reached here and with the reception that I received and the impression that it left on me, I know I will remember it forever.


I was invited to this divine city by the club ‘Cruising Godz’. It was a short ride of 160 kms from Mumbai with only one stop, I choose McDonalds.

I am girl from the South, I strive on coffee.

When I reached Nashik I was quite mesmerized by the weather and the welcoming down to earth people. The early morning fog at the horizon is always a pleasant sight. I could spend ample time admiring that because everything else was taken care of by the ‘Cruising Godz’.

Some pictures from Mumbai before I could ride to Nashik..

I was put up at the Ginger Hotel by the Cruisin Godz. As soon as I reached I unpacked and made my way for lunch to ‘Players’ which is a restaurant owned by a fellow biker of the Godz. That place is a must visit I might add since the food there was scrumptious!

After the delicious meal with the hearty company I was escorted to “Puffs and Rolls Cafe” owned by Sagar and his wife. This cozy cafe also happens to be a boat club since it lies on the banks of a river. The view of the river became even more picturesque owing to the shimmering drizzle and I had a glimpse of the boys of Nashik rowing amidst these droplets dancing with the water.

It was still pouring when us adventurous souls decided to roll out a Thar to go off-roading and head off to the Sula Vineyards. We made a tour of the wine county and binged on all the wine and cheese possible.

My glorious day reached it zenith when I went meet the Cruisin Godz community. They received me with such warmth and felicitated my achievements with a Cruising Godz Club T-shirt that it really humbled me. It is always an honour to be appreciated by a fellow biker community, reminds me that I am on the right track, that I have the love and support and reinforces my belief in what I am out to achieve.

On day two Sagar, Charul and rode out to go explore the vineyards… On the way we came across this karting track so we stopped and couldn’t help ourselves, so we went karting and zip lining.

At the end of the day we headed out to the York suburb. It was a perfect culmination to the series of events. Watched some adorable little puppies chasing down a flock of peacocks into the sunset. Wine to dine with cheese. It was our very own Tuscan evening.

My legs maybe sore with all the walking but my heart is rejuvenated with yarns I can spin through this exposure.
And I cannot thank Cruising Godz enough for their hospitality and for making my stay so eventful. Cheers to you guys and cheers to the brotherhood.

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