Rendevous with Bhutan (Day 15 & 16)

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Day 15 : Country #2 : Bhutan the land of Happiness is a tiny nation nestled between powerhouses India and China. Bhutan is truly one of the most mysterious and mystical places I have ridden in. Because of government policies to protect the country’s heritage and environment, staying in bhutan is like stepping back in time. There are no high rises and all the buildings are built in the traditional style.
I spent my day riding 170kms and checked into a hotel that has a picturesque view of the city. Went shopping for groceries with the owner and his daughter and watched flights land at Paro Airport. So homely this place feels and what I’m wearing is the traditional dress Kira.

Day 16 : Skye and I have been exploring some amazing places for the last couple of days. But today was a delight riding to the Chalela pass, beauty at every corner and at every curve and it was so hard for Skye and I not to stop and capture these moments. It was also nice meeting and riding @dg_the_wanderer whose on his tour and has been on the road for over 90 days. Met an Insta friend from Pune who introduced me to his army friends, who I had lunch with and I’ve gotten to know so much more about this country from them. All together it has been a great day and like I always say. I do feel blessed😇

Sharing is caring!

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