Introducing Myself

My name is Candida Louis, I have been riding for the last 9 years along with my dad. I happen to relocate to Bangalore 5 years ago to work with Infosys when I realized my true passion for riding and I left my job to follow the calling of my heart and embarking on a journey, picking a new direction every day, with no intent of arriving. Only to explore, learn and enjoy the variety of feelings that this country has to offer.
Since then, if anyone asks me about my intents and purpose in life, I give a very simple answer. “I dream of riding around the world, and what better place to start the ride than in our own beautiful country.”

“India on a Motorcycle” is not just a sticker on my helmet, but the purpose of my existence. After i quit a well-paying finance job at Infosys to follow my heart, I rode for 6 months, through 24 states and over 34,000 kms. across India!What next? The world of course!

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